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      Digital Business Wisdom

            by Dr. Premji Nirmal

         * Common Sense Approach to Abundance

         * Strategies for Business

         * Business Mindset

         * Earn money right now!

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Digital Business Wisdom

Businesses all over the world are moving online, for various reasons. Some win in their businesses, many fail and wind up their businesses. World average is that 90% of the business fail within the first 10 years of their inception.

What is it that these businesses are missing out on?

What is the secret formula for success and to thrive in business?

How to handle business in the digital world?

All these questions are answered and much more by Master Trainer Dr. Premji Nirmal, an engineer himself, with management post-graduation in cybernetics. He has successfully run his electronic industry for 25 years. With his strategic expertise, he has helped many businesses in achieving faster growth and expansion.

His deeper insightful Eastern wisdom coupled with with western scientific approach, always presents a complete holistic growth perspective.

This program will help a beginner, a business owner and an entrepreneur, to take their business online and make it successful for sure.

Happy Learning!

Testimonial - 

The Digital business wisdom course by Guruji Shri Prem Nirmalji is a fantastic course for starting a business even for a non business person. Step by step methods, techniques which have proper scientific basis are taught here.
This course also gives confidence to people with non business backgrounds such as mine to venture into entrepreneurship with few easy but steady steps.
Definitely worth a six or more star rating as more has been delivered than promised.
Thanku guruji for making me take baby steps towards passive income generation 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Dr Radha Raghavan
Radiologist ,Bengaluru

A well worth course for students, working professionals and retired ones alike irrespective of their backgrounds. The course is mindset changing especially for people like me who are new to the philosophy of selling. In the course, Dr. Premji Nirmal Guruji offers practical, easy to implement strategies to start and scale up businesses in modern context while also sharing spiritual insights on the subject. Overall, it's an excellent course as Guruji's other courses on spiritual topics. Thank you, Guruji!!🙏

Amit Singh
Enginner, IT professional

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