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Financial Freedom

by Dr. Premji Nirmal

* What is Financial freedom?
* Strategies for thriving in Post Covid Era of K Economy
* What is Active & Passive Income?
* How Investors become Millionaires?
* Five Keys to Financial Freedom

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Financial Freedom

Come out your daily financial tension, the daily compulsion to earn money! and understand the practical aspects of 'Financial Freedom'.

During challenging times too one can earn with effortless ease by understanding the concepts of Active income and Passive income. The principles explained in this program when implemented will save lot of our time and energy by ensuring Financial Freedom.

Learn the secrets from Dr. Premji Nirmal, who is an expert Master Trainer and has implemented these principles in this life. He explains how one and all can achieve this freedom, comfortably, by starting from wherever they are!Make 'Financial Freedom' a reality for you!

Dr. Premji Nirmal
promotes philosophy and teaches all the secrets of life of Enlightened Billionaire, i.e. Prosperity in material world and fulfillment in spiritual dimension as well. He has been teaching this world over through various programs like Kriya Yoga, Swara Yoga, Sound Healing, Science of Success, Science of Miracles etc.

All these programs are now available on our E-learning platform for sincere learners world over.

Happy Learning!

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