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Why Mind-Maps?

Empty Your Mind & be Creative!

Guruji Dr. Premji Nirmal

* Organize random thoughts and ideas 
* Empty the mind, be more clare and creative!
* Help harness the power of monkey mind !
* Left and Right Brain Balancing 

Mind Map for Freedom from Mind

Mind maps are a unique way to arrange your ideas. It helps us organize ideas and put it in visual excellent tool for all ages!

It is an excellent tool for creative problem solving. Mind maps help to record, memorize, arrange and reproduce ideas and solutions in an efficient manner. Dr. Guruji Prem Nirmal has given deeper insights into how the monkey mind functions and h to empty it in a Mind Map format... thus harnessing its power and becoming more creative!

Mind maps can not only help you in your professional life, but also in bringing clarity on the path of spirituality. This course is for - Professionals - Corporates and Business owners... of All ages - From children to senior citizens

Happy Learning!

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